Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Today we have a new character set featuring the "Expo" font style. The set consists of:

* Letters (A-Z)
* Numbers (0-9)
* 8 symbols:
     (1)  & (ampersand symbol) also called "and" sign
     (2)  - (minus symbol)
     (3)  ' (apostrophe symbol)
     (4)   + (plus symbol)
     (5)   = (equal symbol)
     (6)  # (number symbol)
     (7)   ! (exclamation symbol)
     (8)  ? (question mark symbol)

     All characters are recolorable/pattern-able in-game. Each set below comes with a color scheme photo that shows you what particular color each character comes in, but of course you can recolor each character yourself in the game. Choose a color or pattern in-game that you like. Even mix-and-match each character to match the colors in your Sim's bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, etc....

     Characters cost a sum of $15 each, and are located in the "Decorative/Wall Hangings" category. Hope you like the set as much as we do! Enjoy, and we'd love to hear from you if you like the set. Thanks a bunch!

Expo Letters "A-I":

Expo Letters "J-R":

Expo Letters "S-Z":

Shown below is a sample of Expo Letters "A-I", but set includes ALL letters (A-Z):

Expo Numbers:

Expo Symbols:


Anonymous said...

These are SUCH a great idea! Definitely going to personalize the kids' rooms, and probably find a bunch of other uses! Thank you!

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Thanks a lot, Kenn :)

sarah said...

omgosh! We can make our own signs for businesses and things! Wooty woot! :)

ladzylitz said...

What a really lovely blog you have here. It's so soft and cute and detail. I love this site. Thanks for putting these lovely and cute objects. You guys are the best!

Sweet Ambrosia said...

How sweet! Thanks ladzylitz! Glad you like the blog. We appreciate your sweet comments. Thanks again! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wooow Nice stuff =)
You blog is fantastic!
UTi =)

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Thank you :)

Ebony said...

NVM about my other comment I saw now where you go the ZAK thing. This is beyond CUTE thanks ♥

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Yes, it's my letter set. Glad you like it :)

伊莉-Eilsabeth said...

i love yr letter set so much ~
i saw all letter of sims3, only yr i like!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I've been searching for these for ages! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I downloaded them (unintentionally) with a DayCare centre once, but I had to reinstall my game and haven't been able to find a set since!

THESE ARE PERFECT! (With even more than the original one I owned!)