Tuesday, July 27, 2010

     ACE OF SPADES EARRINGS - Feeling lucky? The cards are in your favor. Go "all in" with these Ace of Spades earrings. Next time you plan a trip to the casino, a Friday night poker game with your buddies, or enter a poker tournament, wear these earrings to "dress for the occasion" and also for that "extra edge".

These earrings are fun, funky, and fresh, and would make a great gift for the poker player, gambler, or casino-goer in your life.

Product Information:
* For pierced ears.
* They come in 2 preset color options: white/red and black/gold, but of course, are fully recolorable.
* They have 3 color channels: the rectangle attachment with the spades, the cards, and the "A's" on the cards.
* Each earring consists of 2 "cards" each.
* The earrings are 3-dimensional (they aren't flat cards) as you can see in the pictures.
* Ace of spades earrings are available for ladies aged teen to elder, and comes in all categories, except "Naked".
* Polygon count: 1744