Wednesday, July 28, 2010

     APPLE-TINI EARRINGS - Give them as a gift to your teen to match her blinding neon green outfit; give them to your favorite teacher to entice her to change your "D" grade to a "B"; or even give them to your mom as a lovely Mother's Day gift to let her know how much she means to you (and so she won't forget to get you that sweet car you want for your 18th birthday!). Whatever you choose, the lady in question will be more than pleased with such a sweet gift!

Great for an everyday look and easy to match any outfit.

Product Information:
* For pierced ears: cute apple-leaf attachment.
* They come in 3 preset color options: red-delicious, gold-leaf, and green, but of course, are fully recolorable.
* They have 3 color channels: the leaf, stem, and apple. 
* The earrings are 3-dimensional (they aren't flat apples) as you can see in the pictures.
* Apple-tini earrings are available for ladies aged teen to elder, and comes in all categories, except "Naked".
* Polygon count: 536


Anonymous said...

Cute earrings! =) - RL

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Maya said...

Gorgggeey x Where is the hair from?