Tuesday, July 27, 2010

     SKULL & CROSSBONES EARRINGS - Ahoy there Matey! Let these Skull & Crossbones earrings hug your ears or be forced to walk the plank! Embrace your inner pirate as these earrings embrace your ears. Pair these skull & crossbones earrings with a risque outfit and you will be the best-looking "pirate" out there!

Great for a fun night out on the town and will match any outfit.

Product Information:
* For pierced ears.
* They come in 2 preset color options: bone white, and gold, but of course, are fully recolorable.
* They have 3 color channels: the hoop, skull, and crossbones. 
* The earrings are 3-dimensional (they aren't flat) as you can see in the pictures.
* Skull and Crossbones earrings are available for ladies aged teen to elder, and comes in all categories, except "Naked".
* Polygon count: 928



Anonymous said...

really cute:)

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Thank you :)