Wednesday, July 28, 2010

     WELCOME to Sweet Ambrosia!! Here is a great and exciting way to start your day. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's nice to have a good variety in breakfast cereals. If you're tired of the less exciting options you have today, you now have many more available - with our collection of some of the best breakfast cereals from the past. Now you have a good variety of sugar-laced cereal to eat away the enamel from your teeth!

Includes cereals:
* Crazy Cow
* Dinersaurs
* Mr. Wonderfull's Surprize
* Smurf-Berry Crunch
* Corny-Snaps

Here is Part 1 of the Retro Breakfast Cereal Boxes below. The polaroids are in-game images of the front and back of the cereal boxes. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

ahhh it looks so beautiful your blog! I am really in love with it! Congrats for the hard work you put in it and thank you for the downloads as well!! I hope more girly things are coming out soon!!

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Thank you! I really appreciate your comments :) Really sweet. And, yes, more "girly" things are coming, lol. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank trying new stuff for the sims 3 :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really beautiful!
I love it! ♥