Friday, August 13, 2010

     Here is Set 2 consisting of 8 "ScreenRant" posters featuring some of the most iconic superheroes in the entertainment industry. They are minimalist posters, so some may be more obvious than others, but hopefully you will have no problem identifying each and every comic-book icon represented.

     The poster mesh is a Sims 2 conversion. The original mesh came with tape, but I removed the tape because I didn't want all of my poster sets to come with tape - just a little difference there :)  I chose to convert this poster mesh because the sides have a "wave" to it instead of just straight, plus I don't think I've seen anyone convert this mesh, so I gave it a try myself. Hope you like the posters - enjoy! :)

     Set 2 consists of these comic-book icons:
     * Rogue (female member of X-men)
     * Cyclops (member of X-men)
     * Robin (sidekick of Batman)
     * Quailman
     * Batman
     * Iron Man
     * Aquaman
     * Spiderman

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