Monday, September 27, 2010

     I received a request to convert the Mediocre Kid posters for the Sims 2 game. They were removed from the blog for various reasons, but since I received a request for them, I made them available again. I will also replace the Sims 3 link so for those that may want them for the Sims 3 game, they can have them, or just use the mesh to create your own posters. :)

     Note for the Sims 3 versionPoster "corners" are recolorable, so you can make them all the same color, or two "corners" can have one color and the other two can have another color (or pattern).  Enjoy!

     Note for both versions: Can include mesh with your recolors; just give me credit and a link please, and I would love to know if you do recolors so I can see them myself :)

     Mediocre Kid:
     Power: None
     Limitations: Where do we begin?
     Career: Currently enrolled in Watson High; member of the Junior Alliance Team
     Classification: Unique among Superopolitans, Ordinary Boy's lack of power earns him our sympathy

     Gummy Girl:
     Power: Able to transform herself into a gelatinous goo
     Limitations: Gelatinous goo has few practical uses
     Career: First and only female of the Junior Alliance Team
     Classification: A moderate power put to exceptional use

     Power: A fully manipulatible tongue that can stretch to nearly twenty feet
     Limitations: About twenty feet
     Career: Efforts to stretch his age have led to two attempts to join the Alliance of Superior Excellence before turning 15; currently a member of the Junior Alliance Team
     Classification: A mouthy little smart-aleck

     Brilliance Boy
     Power: Able to illuminate himself to the intensity of the brightest light
     Limitations: Requires apple juice to achieve maximum intensity
     Career: On call for emergencies at the lighthouse on Hero's Cape; is also a member of the Junior Alliance Team
     Classification: We predict a bright future, in at least one respect

     Muscle "Bomb"
     Power: Incredible superstrength
     Limitations: Sadly, a regrettable side effect of this power has led to this young hero's unfortunate name
     Career: The strongest kid by far a Watson High; a memeber of the Junior Alliance Team
     Classification: A remarkable power as long as you're standing upwind

     Credit: Art from The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy trading cards
     I received permission from the Harper Collins Children's website to use their art. Here is a link to their Terms of Use:


Sims 2 Posters Download:

Sims 3 Posters Download:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these and thanks for including TS2 version as well! I wish your cookbooks would be for TS2 too ;) Love your works!

Sweet Ambrosia said...

You're welcome :) Yes, I plan on converting the cookbooks also, hopefully soon.

All About The Paparazzi said...

fantastic work ambrosia love it ♥


Plz check out our website:

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Thank you very much :) and yes I will check out your website. Thanks for visiting mine :P

GanjaPanda said...

I love these! Great, unique poster.