Monday, September 13, 2010

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     UPDATE: Converted for Sims 2. (Super Fluffy Pancakes recipe cookbook is the mesh. Can include with your own recolors.)

     This creation is one cookbook, but it is showing 6 different recipes - (6 downloads of the same cookbook, but each showing a different recipe). Each page is numbered. The recipes include:

* Super Fluffy Pancakes
* Best Ever Chicken Kabobs
* Carrot Cake Muffins
* Raspberry Bars
* Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Breasts
* Goat Cheese Berry Salad

     If you like to write notes to go along with your cookbook recipes, here is a great way to keep your cookbook pages neat and prevent yourself from having to spend hours flipping through pages to try to find that special recipe. Not only will you have a stylish way to bookmark your favorite recipes in your cookbook, but you can also write your recipe notes on the bookmarks. The Cuisinier Recipe Bookmarks for Cookbooks feature a different meal course and corresponding graphics printed on specialty cardstock which include:


     I (Charmaine) made each bookmark, also adding the handwritten recipe notes (using handwritten fonts) on them to coordinate with each cookbook recipe. For those who are interested, under each set of bookmarks below, I typed the handwritten notes that I put on each bookmark, from left to right.

Goat Cheese Berry Salad
✔ made this on 9-05-10; a unique and light salad that makes a nice presentation
✔ the combination of flavors is perfect with the nuts I toasted
✔ had to convince my son to try the salad - he thought the goat cheese would taste “goaty”
✔ was a crowd pleaser at the local seasonal Pickled Pigs Feet, Wonton, & Gyro BBQ Festival - everyone asked for the recipe
Kitchen of: M. Mowss

Raspberry Bars
> made this on 08-22-10; half the pan was eaten after it left the oven!
> tried a chocolate oatmeal topping, but it was too crumbly and most of it fell off ( I must have bad luck with raspberry-chocolate combinations)
> tried some white chocolate/raspberry swirled baking chips instead of the oatmeal topping and had no problems; with them or not, VERY TASTY !
> Sold out at bake sale!
Kitchen of: G. Berry

Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Breasts
① made this on 8-29-10 with high quality blue cheese crumbles - the taste was out of this world
② used Frankenstein’s HotRed Buffalo Wings Sauce rather than a plain hot sauce
③ Chicken + Buffalo Wings Sauce + blue cheese = a great combination in a recipe, especially if you like the taste of hot wings with blue cheese dressing
④ used 1 cup of panko breadcrumbs with milk & egg to coat the chicken
Kitchen of: K. Colonel

Super Fluffy Pancakes
* made this on 08 - 01 - 10 using homemade vanilla sugar and substituted buttermilk for regular milk
* Had to try 3 times before it worked - still learning how to cook
X NEVER NEVER NEVER use frog butter in this recipe again - adds "chicken" flavor to pancakes
Loved the taste of the new Brother Lovesta Butter Maple Syrup - added that old-fashioned taste I grew up with
New family recipe!
Kitchen of: A. Harrington

Best Ever Chicken Kabobs
- made this on 08 - 08 - 10; v. easy to prepare for family A+
- used Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise because of picky in-law (make sure Clemett doesn’t see this)
- grilled on Jorjette Forelady grill; a quick alternative to outside grill when running low on time
- used orange, green, & yellow bell-peppers, and added pineapple and apples - perfect flavor
- best way to get Lo-mayne to eat her vegetables!
Kitchen of: C. Hahn

Carrot Cake Muffins
⌑ made this on 08 - 15 - 10 in my mini-bundt cake pan for a friend‘s dinner party - she took credit for the baking!!
⌑ made a cream cheese glaze for the muffins since I have a sweet tooth, but they’re great without glaze
⌑ Used chopped pecans and garnished the glaze with pecan halves
⌑ Has the great flavors of a carrot cake but lighter texture - perfect!
Kitchen of: R. Hare

Credits & Links:
I want to give plenty of thanks and appreciation to all the great illustrators who allowed me to use their work for the recipes for the cookbook. Thank you all soooo much! Please take out some time to check out their BEAUTIFUL work.

* Super Fluffy Pancakes
- illustrated recipe by Laura Pennington
Violet Ink Design
Laura Doodles: An Illustration Blog

* Best Ever Chicken Kabobs
* Goat Cheese Berry Salad
- illustrated recipes by Deborah Mori
Deborah Mori: Art, Design, & Illustration
Life Without Novacaine

* Carrot Cake Muffins
- illustrated recipe by Roz Fulcher
Roz Fulcher

* Raspberry Bars
- illustrated recipe by Salli Swindell
Studio SSS
Manic Expresssive

* Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Breasts
- illustrated recipe by Soo Jeong

Required Digital Scrapbook Credit:
* Lyndsay Riches Digital Scrapbook Designs

Sims 2 Cookbooks Download:

Sims 3 Cookbooks:


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