Saturday, December 4, 2010

      Here is Part 2 of the 3-part set I've been working on. Part 2 consists of 17 recolors of Jonesi's bed blanket. The set matches the bedding set of Part 1, using Helen Dardik's patterns. The pics include all pics of the 17 blankets, plus pics of some of the slave blankets that Jonesi made, so you will have more options for the blankets. She made a set of 10 slave blankets for the main bed blanket mesh. Well, hope you like them!  

     ** The fixed version by Huge Lunatic of Jonesi's bed blanket mesh is what I used, and you can find it here:
     * Also, at that link you can download the single version of Jonesi's bed blanket.
     * Here is the link to Jonesi's original mesh:
     * Jonesi made 10 more blankets that are slaves to her bed blanket mesh, and you can find them here:

* Helen Dardik patterns:
* Bed by Sims2play
* Jonesi's bed blanket mesh fixed by HugeLunatic:
* Jonesi's bed blanket mesh:
* Jonesi's slave blanket mesh:
* Mango Sims pillows meshes (Set Orek):
* BV Travel poster made base game compatible by HugeLunatic:
* Wall writings by Limelove:
* BV Travel Poster recolor by AnimeFemme69: and by Juri Anne:





** A few pics of the patterns using Jonesi's slave bed blankets**



** Mesh is included **


lauradoodles said...

These blankets are the cutest :) can't wait to see the rest of the set!!! I'd definitely sleep on them if they were real hehe

ps thanks for the bday wishes :)

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Thank you Laura. Glad you like them.

You're welcome. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

greennoodle said...

ha ha, I was on your blog when you commented my new dress :P

I really like this, shadows looks great and patterns are perfectly matched :)

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Lol, thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Thankies!

saban said...


Camille said...

These are great girls. Too bad I don't play sims2 anymore. But keep up the good work!
kisses =**