Saturday, December 4, 2010

      I finally finished the 3-part set that I've been working on. I've made 17 Sims 2 bedding recolors using Helen Dardik's wonderful patterns. I've had her patterns saved on my laptop for at least 3 months and I finally finished the project I've worked on using her patterns. Rubika (of Rubika's Blog) released a set of Sims 3 paintings using Helen Dardik's patterns, and I think she is going to release a set of Sims 3 patterns using them also. I'm also in the process of making a few walls for the Sims 2 game using the patterns.

     The 3-part set consists of bedding recolors (this set), recolors of Jonesi's bed blanket, and recolors of a 3-pillow set from Mango Sims.  The bed blanket and the pillow set will be uploaded soon once I have everything ready. Well, I hope you like the sets and enjoy the pics. Thanks!

      Here is Part 2 of the 3-part set I've been working on. Part 2 consists of 17 recolors of Jonesi's bed blanket. The set matches the bedding set of Part 1, using Helen Dardik's patterns. The pics include all pics of the 17 blankets, plus pics of some of the slave blankets that Jonesi made, so you will have more options for the blankets. She made a set of 10 slave blankets for the main bed blanket mesh. Well, hope you like them!  

     Finally, here is part 3 of the 3-part set using Helen Dardik's patterns. The set includes 17 pillow recolors of Mango Sims "Set Orek" 3-pillow set. One is the master mesh and the other 2 pillows are slave to the master mesh, so all 3 pillows match and have each of the 17 patterns to match the bedding and blankets of parts 1 and 2 that I made. Enjoy!